Duality Filmworks Show Reel

Check out the latest show reel from Dave and Dan Holechek at Duality Filmworks.  Dave and Dan will be THE NARROW ROAD visual effects supervisors and RED camera owner/operators.  These guys are great!

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We’re still at it!

In order to continue to show our fans that the Narrow Road team is capable of high-quality productions on shoestring budgets, Erik Yeager teamed up with the Narrow Road visual effects team, Duality Filmworks, to produce an entry for the 168 Hour Film Project in L.A.

Our short film, PAYDAY, screens tomorrow (Friday) night and tickets are still available.  In spite of significant challenges, our team was able to come together and complete a touching story that we can’t wait to share with our fans.

We’ll be posting at least a portion of the film online, soon, so stay tuned.

Special thanks to Executive Producer, Robyn Maria Hamlin, and our other generous contributors!

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